World Cup inspired Video

I grew up in Israel, where soccer was always the main sport. As kids we would turn anything into a ball even when we didn't have a ball and play. Got pencil sharpener? Game is on. Every world cup, or the Mondial how we and most of the world call it, the country went nuts for a month. I used to sit down and watch the games with my dad, and even when I left my parents house, and the distance or circumstances didn't allow it - we would catch up on the phone and analyze the players and the teams - and try to guess who will win, who is the next Maradona, and who needs to retire. My dad is such a wasted sofa coach. Four years ago, I watched for the first time the world cup with my own daughter - one-year old toddler -  trying to get her excited about the game hoping I wouldn't miss too many games. This World Cup, I decided to make a video that will catch the spirit of the games and will try to reach as many fans - men, women, and children. There is no doubt how popular Lionel Messi is around the world, and I can't think of another player with such pressure on him to prove that he's the greatest of all by bringing the cup home.  The concept was in my head for several months. I love word-play and I hope you enjoy the twist in this short fun video. Btw, Israel didn't make it to the games since 1970 so we all pick a team that sparks something in our hearts and bring some action to the bars and the conversations around the water fountains at work. Besides, sports are always much more fun when you root for a certain team. Actually, in the states it is pretty much the same. Especially this World Cup when the American team didn't qualify. So...Vamos Argentina!